Renaissance Diamonds Inc.

Established in 2006, Renaissance Diamonds Inc. is dedicated to manufacturing and designing the most incredible lab-grown diamond jewelry and polished diamonds. We are a leading lab-grown diamond company that boasts thousands of designs and a 100% commitment to created, socially responsible grown diamonds.

Renaissance - The Rebirth of The Diamond

Renaissance cuts and polishes its diamonds in their state of the art cutting facility located in Israel and manufacturers its jewelry in the U.S. and other locations. All accent diamonds have established origins from Canadian sources. The Canadian government has the most rigorous and strict environmental regulations requiring mining companies to reclaim the land that has
been excavated.

It is with the above focus that Renaissance manufactures and then certifies each one of its jewelry designs and loose diamonds.

The Renaissance Diamond Appraisal & Certificate of Authenticity is provided with each item sells. The Renaissance Lab-Grown Eco Diamond Report & Certificate of Authenticity is a report created to accurately define details of the diamond or diamond jewelry you are purchasing. The lab-grown eco diamond is evaluated, measured, and examined using trained eyes, a jeweler's loupe, a microscope, and other industry tools. The completed Eco Certificate includes the origin of the diamonds and an analysis of the "Created Diamond's" 5 C'sCut, Clarity, Color, Carat Weight and Created Details as well as other characteristics.

Additionally, we include the M.S.R.P. (manufacturers suggested retail price) for insurance purposes.

This Certificate is given to you for identification purposes only and is not an offer to purchase or guarantee the value of the jewelry described on the certificates reverse side.

Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal